Hookup Between Clinics

The clinic collaborates with the treatment-and-prophylactic institutions of near and far abroad.

Medicaid 24/7

The main goal of MEDICAL clinic has always been providing exceptional patient care 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

Qualified Doctors

In order to work in MEDICAL, our physicians have undergone a lengthy selection process.

Hours Of Operations:

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Call Us at (951) 683-6370

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We are dedicated to the care and comfort of all our patients, and try to make as much information available.

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About Us

In the clinic employ and consult doctors of 46 specialties.

Our Methods

We use such methods as: ozone therapy, mesotherapy, coagulation.


Clients may also choose to see their original medical care providers.

Social Services

Other services we provide include, child and family services.

One Therapist for Whole Family

Family counseling aims to promote understanding and collaboration among family members in order to solve the problems of one or more individuals. therapy will focus on whole family patterns. 

Best Approach to All Questions

The right conduct of telephone communications protocol is very important to the operations of any business. This is especially true to the healthcare industry, where the telephone is literally the lifeline. 

Practicing specialty
of family medicine

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Meet Our Team

Our center is a modern clinical complex built on system ‘all in one’.

Patrick Pool

Medical Director

Bradley Grosh

Senior Phisician M.D

Lana Stevens


Our Mission & Values

The doctors who founded Our Clinic, drawing from military medicine, believed in diverse specialists working and thinking as a unit. This kind of cooperation, efficiency and shared vision has fostered excellence in patient care, research and education.

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We Work For Your Health

One of the most important investments that a person can make is in their personal health. Staying healthy can be vital to each person's life. One way a person can make sure that they stay healthy is to make regular visits to their physician.

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Better Technology

A medical laboratory technician operates a variety of lab equipment and processes and analyzes medical specimens in either independent medical labs or hospital labs. Aspiring technicians must enroll in and complete an associate's or certificate program in clinical laboratory sciences or medical technology.

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Our Pricing

Plan One


Per Day

Medical Care

Behavioral Health

Screening Program

Family Planning


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Plan Two


Per Mounth

Medical Care

Behavioral Health

Screening Program

Family Planning


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Plan Three


Per Visit

Medical Care

Behavioral Health

Screening Program

Family Planning


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Photo Gallery

People may be sure that they trust taking care of their health.

Our clinic is a timely diagnosis, consultancy, in-patient care for adults and children, provision of emergency medical care in urgent conditions according to the European standards of diagnostics and treatment. Detection of diseases in the early stages is a guarantee of successful rehabilitation. Modern up-to-date equipment allows you to diagnosis and identify the risks accurately and timely.

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Personal approach to medical questions


Massage therapy has been a part of  treatment in hospitals


Online medical consultation is effective in the treatment

Patient Info

Technology has come quite a long way many years ago

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A well-written medical assistant cover letter can get results

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